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Dr. Maureen Adoyo Head of Department

HOD's Message

Welcome to the Department of Information Sciences, Health Records and Systems.

The department and University at large continue to show commitment to serving its community of students by guiding and supporting their vision to change society. Through our visionary faculty members, the department fosters an environment conducive to academic and research experiences that are geared toward innovative technologies, incubation, and knowledge transfer.

We are one of the two departments in the School of Information, Communication, and Media Studies. The department endeavors to meet the growing need to strengthen evidence-based decisions required to revolutionize work cultures and organizational practices in order to address emerging issues locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

Further, to produce productive graduates, the department prides itself on having a skilled, knowledgeable, and capable workforce that provides exceptional administrative and academic services. In Particular, the faculty members are affiliated with a wide range of relevant disciplines, professional bodies, and industries necessary in linking theory to practice.

Mission and vision


A department that fosters Science, Technology, and Innovation for human well-being and socio-economic development.


Producer of industrious system thinkers in the Information based economy.


  • To advance students’ resiliency in the information economy.
  • To co-create innovation toward desired systemic societal change
  • To  create enabling environment for  individual well-being and economic growth
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