Hello, and Welcome to the Rongo University Media Studios.

The Media Studios’ operations are run and managed by Mr. Pascal Ekesa, the Media Studio technician, under the INFOCOMS Dean’s office.

The Media Center has five sub-sections namely; the Television section, Photography section, Radio section, Media Editing lab and the Media Resources Library.

Some of the activities carried out in the Media centre are Practicals training in TV production, Radio/Sound engineering, Photography, Graphics as well as Radio broadcasting in our FM radio station. We also do Live streaming of official University events through the university website / social media handles and lectures that are then linked up via the University LMS portal.

The Media resource library also has space for conferences and small meetings.

Mr. Pascal Ekesa

Media StudioTechnician


Third year Degree students of Fashion Design and Textile Technology (FDT) from the school of Science, Technology and Engineering (taking fashion and design) attended a training in Fashion Photography at the Rongo University Media Studios. The sessions were taught by Mr. Pascal Ekesa in collaboration with Mdm. Nelima, a lecturer from the Department of Fashion Design and Textile Technology. At the end of the training , the students engaged in a project in fashion photojournalism assisted volunteers in the media studio.


Information science students received training in Forensic photography, also referred to as Photography at the crime scene. They were then tested on skills acquired such as crime scene search methodology, evidence identification and marking, Crime scene photography, sketching, Photogrammetry among others. The sessions were taught by Mr. Pascal Ekesa. Pictured here are some of the students as they did their practical exams in the media studio’s forensic lab.