Rongo University Postgraduate Student Wins Youth STEM Matters Prize

A post graduate student in the School of Information, Communication and Media Studies has been selected as one of the two overall Youth STEM matters prize draw winners. over 10,000 youths globally participated in the competitions.

Mr Cosmas Knowen, took part in a highly competitive Youth STEM Matters Research Conference for the finals with his project “Use of Machine Learning algorithms (ML) to detect and regulate the amount of carbon emissions in the environment”.

He was awarded a grand prize of £1, 200 from the conference partner (University of Aberdeen), a Print Edition of Volume 1 journal of young people’s research, ideas and innovations which tackle world’s biggest challenges.

He was also granted executive membership into the global youths’ innovation network. Aside from the Youth STEM matters prize draw he had also initially won a one year fully funded online scholarship to study International leadership at Aspire Institute in Harvard university.

Currently, he is also serving as an active participant and member of Slum to School Africa – Research and Development, Curriculum Development for Digital Literacy in Africa.

Mr. Knowen is passionate about Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Technology and Ethics. He sent his sincere thanks and recognitions to Prof Michael Ntabo, Dr. Lameck Rono, and Dr Anne Mugalavai for giving him support in pursuit of his intellectual capabilities and achievements. Also, he thanked the general management team of Youth STEM Matters Research 2030 for believing in his project and innovations.

Mr Knowen believes that all impossibilities are within mental boundaries but once one steps out and do what serves humanity, then it’s undoubtedly clear that one is in formidable capability of establishing an egalitarian and counter the syndrome of negativity and ill will.

Article done by Wafula Meshack

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