Prof.Jerry Agalo

Associate Professor




Prof .Jerry Agalo has 25 years teaching experience in the University. He has served  as a  Dean of School  and Head of Department. He is an Associate Professor of Linguistics, Media and Communication Studies .

Prof.Agalo earned his Ph.D.  degree in   Linguistics from  Moi University and Pittsburgh University, USA ( a split program ); Med  ( Media and Language Education ) , Advanced Diploma in Media Studies from the University of Wales. Aberystwyth (UK) and Diploma in Education in Media and Communication from the University of London, Institute of Education

2.Research Interest

Prof.Agalo’s research interest is in:

  1. Children’s Media
  2. Media and Communication
  • Linguistics of Tonal Languages

3. Ongoing Research

  • Development of Community Media for Kenya: Community Resource Center (a collaborative research project with University of Brighton, U.K)
  • Media Use in Kenyan Primary Schools Curriculum (pre-primary and primary classes 1-3), a collaborative research project with Brighton University, UK.
  • Moral Disengagement in Media Consumption among Kenyan Youth: Critical issues for Health cases. (a collaborative research project with University of Dubrovnik, Croatia)

4. Publications

  1. John Oluoch, Jerry Agalo and Peter Day (2016) Perspectivizing Vernacular Broadcast Media Intervention in Stemming Intra-Ethnic Conflict in Kenya: A Case of the Abakuria. New Media and Mass Communication 2224-3267 (Paper) ISSN 2224-3275 (Online)Vol.51, 2016
  1. Agalo Jerry and Lucy Atieno (2016) Climate change images in Kenya’s News Photographic Representations International Journal of Weather, Climate Change and Conservation Research Vol.2, No.2, pp.1-11, Published by European Centre for Research Training and Development UK,5
  1. Agalo Jerry and Mbai Caroline (2015) Chasing International Language: Genesis Of Language Of Curriculum In Kenya. International Journal of Education Learning and Development; European Centre for Research Training and Development UK Vol.3, No.4, pp.1-7
  1. Agalo Jerry (2014) Peace Education and Cultural Diversity: Focus on Kenya’s Post- Election Crisis. International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education ISSN 2349-0373
  1. Agalo Joyce and Agalo Jerry (2014) Increasing Equity and Access to Education in Kenya: The Role of Open and Distance Learning in Teacher Education. Research Journal in Organizational Psychology & Educational Studies 3 (2) 62-66
  1. Agalo Jerry (2014) Children and Television: The Looming Media Effect in Kenya, Atiner 2014
  1. Agalo, Jerry and Jamas Nandako. A description of tonal Patterns in Lubukusu infinitive verbal forms. A Journal of human and social science 2013,1(1)
  1. Agalo Jerry (2012) The Emerging Role of Media as the Language Art in Children’s Literature in Kenya. A Journal of human and social science 2012,4(1)
  1. Agalo, Jerry (2006) Participatory Communication and Polysemy of the text: How prosody re-situates Islam in Swahili Culture in the Coast of Kenya. Critical Arts: A Journal of South-North Cultural Studies
  1. Agalo Joyce and Agalo Jerry (2007) Media and Language Relationship: Attempts in Identifying Influential Variables in communication Among Students in Kenya. In MARIFA Journal
  1. Agalo Jerry (2006 ) Extrapolation of Luganda Nominal Prefixes in the Quest for a maturity of scientific terminology, Eldoret: Moi University Press.
  1. Agalo, Jerry. 2004) Twenty First Century Harbingers Put Higher Education on Trial: A Case of Kenyan Higher Education Policy Making. Eldoret: Moi University Press.
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