Dr. Lamek Kiprutto Ronoh is currently a lecturer and Chair of Department of Information Science and Informatics in the school of Information, Communication and Media studies.  In addition to teaching and research, he also served as a time table coordinator for the school.

He holds a PhD in Information Technology Security and Audit (part of his PhD research was done in the University of Utah -Salt Lake City, and university of Florida -Tampa). Dr. Ronoh has more than   nine years’ experience in the field of Information Technology with specific interest in  Machine Learning in IT security, Data science, IT forensics, Cloud computing  and Cyber security. Moreover, he also works as ICT consultant and a trainer for ICT professionals.

Dr. Ronoh has also done extensive research in ICT. Specifically, his research portfolio includes mining digital forensic evidence for law enforcement, visual analytics for cyber security, threat modelling and anomaly detection.  He has conducted research and published papers  on : Using SNA centrality metrics to detect suspicious social media users to aid law enforcement agencies in Kenya;  Tracking and harvesting demographic  and related information of social media users as forensic evidence  for law enforcement ; Using 2×4 factorial design to assess IaaS delivery model security issues in heterogeneous cloud computing deployment models – a case of selected firms in Kenya and  Mapping and Modeling Kenya’s Hospitality Industry Cyber Security Factors: Case of Selected Hotels in the North Rift.  He has also co-authored a book A+ Revision KCSE computer studies published by Longhorn publishers. He has attended and presented research papers in several international and regional conference proceedings.

Dr. Ronoh is a member of Society of Educational  Research and Evaluation in Kenya (SEREK) and association of Professional Societies of East Africa (APSEA).