Community Media for Kenya (CM4K)

Community Media for Kenya (CM4K) is a community-based transformative learning partnership that seeks to empower marginalised communities and groups in Kenya through the development of active community media partnerships, knowledge sharing and training.

Established 8 years ago, CM4K continues to expand through active collaboration. One of such partners been the School of Information Communication and Media Studies (INFOCOMS). Exploring different ways to use information, media and communications technology, CM4K aims to make community radio and media accessible to diverse Kenyan communities such as Cham gi Wadu community (Migori County, Kenya) who harness the benefits of the digital age.

Not only local communities benefit from this partnership but also INFOCOMS students who working closely with the community members in contributing to and learn about local community cultures by exchanging knowledge and sharing skills. They also contribute to community development by collaborating in the planning and implementation of fundraising activities and training workshops. Moreover INFOCOMS Students get great exposure in media studies by participating in short exchange program at the University of Brighton (UK), where they attend lectures and visit local media establishment such as community radio stations and also get to enjoy different British cultural sites and beautiful parks in the country.

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