Anne Koster Mugalavai






Mugalavai is a lecturer in information science. Examination Coordinator, School of Information, Communication and Media Rongo University. Has held the post of university College Librarian. Has been in Charge Nakuru Town Campus College (NTCC) Library Egerton University. Established the Faculty of Education and Community Development Studies (FEDCOS) Library at Egerton University and the Librarian in charge of the Library at Egerton university. Has been programme Officer Children’s Reading Tent Project Library, Egerton University. Coordinator children’s’ reading tent activities Egerton University. Supervisor 2009 Kenya Population Census. Initiator and Donor for the construction and establishment of Friends community library Kegondi, Vihiga County, Kenya. Has been a Board of Governors member Bushiangala Technical Training Institute, Kakamega County and Hombala Secondary School, Vihiga District (2012-2016)

 2 .Publications

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